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High Button Shoe, was an established primitive folk-art business, opened September 1995, in a turn of the century, Byers family farmhouse. Located a mile south of the village of Tustin, Michigan. The shop was lovingly restored to its original hardwood floors, tongue and groove ceilings, and shelving constructed from century old second floor planking. We added primitives and antiques to an extensive back drop of folk-art....

...sadly we have closed the shop, as change is inevitable and part of life. The shop will be taking on new life, as it formerly did as an old homestead, with us moving into this beloved olde structure, with our vast collection of primitive antiques to once again make it come alive as a home. Memories abound in each room, surrounding us with visions and thoughts of all the good times spent there with our family, now gone. The rooms whisper stories we cherish, and I am thrilled to be walking on the old wood floors as they did, glancing through the olde window glass that our ancestors watched the fields through. We have come full circle, my heart smiles.

Farm Update

After 8 weeks of trying to restore my computer from a mere 34 viruses, the tech people inform me that I have lost all my information from my hard drive, which includes my address book. IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN ON THE NEWSLETTER  LIST, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT  byersp@triton.net  and leave the email address and your name, so you can be reinstated.



NEW Picture Trail for High Button Shoe

A work in Progress. New items will be added each day for awhile to aid in the lessening of stored boxes of folk art and antique smalls.


Please take a look!

In fond regard, Tilda



~Changing Directions~

We are making changes here on the farm.  Less, to no, making of folk art. More in the gardens and cleaning the old farmstead of the years & decades of clutter farms tend to pile up.  The website will not be updated as of November 2009  and all future sales and information will be posted on the newly created picture trail www.picturetrail.com/highbuttonshoe  where my own personal collections of folk art  will be shown for sale, and my personal antique smalls that I don't have room for in the farmhouse.  If you take the newsletters for the folksy news of the farm, the newsletters will be more in that vein, with less or no selling of product to them.  I, am changing directions, trying some new things, completely stopping others.  I loved being a folk artist, but it is time to try something else.  Thank you for your patronage all these years.  I will be here, in my letters perusing some new adventure, and finding new joys in this magnificent farm.

in my fondest regard and thoughts


Bevins Crossing

    ****** Please note  email address byersp@triton.net******




 ~Final Update November 2009~

Please bookmark the picture trail www.picturetrail.com/highbuttonshoe where all HighButtonShoe sales will be posted.

This website will remain the same, and items shown here are for sale, or items previously sold will be posted on the picture trail.

All future newsletters will be shown on the picture trail. No future updates of photography, sales, newsletters etc will be posted here.

Join us at the Picture Trail, a part of my changing directions....

Our paypal address is byersp@triton.net

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